Attention! Low Equity Home Owners

Here's How to Sell for Top Dollar and AVOID Repairs, Tenant Drama, and Fees without bleeding away all your equity

Here's What Every Low Equity Home Owner NEEDS to Know Before Selling...

The cost to sell is NOT 6% like the realtors want you to believe. After this MLS sales process.. you'll be sitting at the closing ready for your fat payday and instead gasp at a statement which barely pays you anything for your work or even hands you a bill for selling!?

  • First... you'll have to choose - do I keep the tenants in place and lose all the top $ first time homeowners? Or... do I risk kicking them out to get a higher price, but what if they refuse and stop paying? What if the house takes longer to sell and you no longer have rent coming in?

  • Second.. You list it and find a buyer! However, they ask you for a $5k discount... it's only $5k and not worth blowing up the deal, so you accept

  • Third.. The inspector comes and does his job: Scaring the buyer to justify his fee. After the inspection, the buyers are spooked and threaten to back out unless you do the laundry list of repairs. Dang.. it's one bill after the next..

  • Lastly.. It's the day of closing and you're ready for the big check! You expect to see $200,000 and notice after the realtors, repairs, holding costs, discount, and conveyance tax (1.5%-2%).. you're only getting $170,000... WHAT HAPPENED to 6%?!

  • Where did my Equity GO? .. You have a loan of $175,000 with the bank and now have to PAY $5,000 to sell your home even after you jumped through all the realtor's hoops!

My Proven Low Equity Method to Get Top Dollar with No Fees, Tenant Drama, or Repairs... (even if the payments are behind)

There has to be catch right? This is too good to be true.. The secret and "Catch" is simple.. we keep the current mortgage in place

Here's why this is the perfect solution if you are a home owner who wants to move on from the property and not lose all your effort to the banks, realtors, and repairs...

How do we keep the mortgage in place? How does that let you pay more? Here's how it works..

When you sell the property, you have NO obligations or bills - tenants, rent, insurance, taxes, late night calls.

We take over the existing mortgage and immediately start paying all insurance, mortgage payments, water, etc.. You don't worry about the property again.

Why is this good for you? You don't have to lose equity to any fees or deal with the usual headache - any repairs, kick out the tenants, pay holding costs, pay realtors, or even pay an attorney. You can use ours for free if you want.

What's in it for the buyer? We have a lot standard mortgages from our properties... and we (like many others) have hit the mortgage count limit.. Now.. the only ones we can get are EXPENSIVE! You're letting us skip the fees of a new mortgage and avoid the usual 20% down, inspections, and hassle. WIN-WIN

You get to walk away, hassle free, and squeeze as much equity as possible from your property

5 Ways Sellers Squeeze the House for All It's Worth...

1. You get to skip any tenant drama.. whether it's dragging them out and then repairing or limiting your buyers to only low-ball investors.

2. You don't have to do ANY repairs and no inspector is going to beat you up about the small stuff

3. You don't pay a dime in realtor fees and get to skip the hassle of the traditional dog and pony show. You can be completely moved on with cash in pocket within 2 weeks!

4. Most IMPORTANTLY... where we differ from low-ball investors... you get your top dollar price and maximize the equity you keep. Other investors will only let you skip the hassle if take a HUGE discount. We use taking over existing financing to help us both

5. Since the mortgage stays in place, you build free credit every time we make the payment

3 Risks All the Smartest Sellers Ask About..

1. What if you get hit by a car, run away, or get kidnapped and stop paying my mortgage

This is the absolute worst case. And as smart investor, you should know what it would look like.

In all cases, you'd just get the house back with a reduced loan and possibly improvements on the home.

Since we have a lot of assets and you're in the right with your name on the title, the last thing we'd want is a long legal issue that's bad for me and bad for you.

And just incase we fall off the earth completely, you need to be covered. That's why we sign an agreement that let's you take back the house EASY PEASY if we miss 2 mortgage payments. No hassle.

How would you know? You still get monthly statements and can see the progress. No secrets.. no tricks..

2. What if the tenant stops paying or something breaks?

The best news is.. that's no longer your problem!

Whether we have tenant problems, repairs, late night phone calls, an earth shattering explosion.. anything

We have large reserves, insurance, and multiple properties to cover any lulls

3. What if the bank finds out you took over? Won't they be really mad? What will they do to punish me?

I get it.. there's a statement on all mortgages which is the "Due on Sale Clause". This scary looking section says the bank has the option to call a loan due when you sell or transfer it.

The big thing is... the only thing the bank really cares about is payments are being made. If their loan is performing and they're sitting while making money, why would they EVER get rid of it? They would be shooting themselves in the foot and costing themselves money.

Even though the due on sale clause is EXTREMELY rarely used... (google it, you'll see.. its like an old fable where one person's cousin had it called 10 years ago). We go the extra mile and put the property into a trust.

What's a trust do? It doesn't show the bank who owns the property and looks like simple estate planning where you give someone (us) the power to manage the property.

And even if... ALL that doesn't work. The absolute worst thing that happens is we sell the property using our realtor to fully pay off the mortgage. The property will likely appreciate and be in much better condition - which makes that easy.

Rona Terms Example 2: Low Equity - How to Get Away with Profit (even if you're behind on payments)

Rona is a single mother who has a full time job and has owned a duplex for 10 years as some side income. Rona has too much on her plate to manage. The top floor is vacant and she's losing $1K each month. She want to MOVE on! The problem?

Rona has a mortgage of $200k still and the property is worth $220K. That's $20k profit, right? NOPE. With the holding costs, closing costs, and realtor fees, she'd be PAYING someone to buy her house. What can we do instead?

We took over Rona's existing mortgage and bought the property with no closing costs and gave her some profit. See how...

Selling with Agent

  • $220k Market Price
  • $200K mortgage
  • $20k in Realtor Fees and Closing Cost (10%+)
  • $5k repair/inspection negotiations
  • $5K holding costs (listing time)


  • - $10K, Cost to Sell!

Sell with Us

  • $205K Sales Price
  • No Closing Fees
  • No inspections or hassle
  • Bought with tenants in place


  • $5K Profit and Walk Away TODAY!

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